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Base characters in ManuelbastioniLAB

The base characters are the results of many years of experience in modelling humans. Each one is built on a professional mesh, that respects the fundamental requisites that every good model should have:

  • The model is optimized for subdivision surface, avoiding redundant polygons and triangles.
  • The topology has the loops for a perfect deformation during poses and animation, including the face loops needed for the main expression wrinkles.
  • The topology permits to model the most relevant features of bodies and faces.
  • The poles are structured in order to be minimal and used only where needed.
  • The topology is human readable, in order to be easily customized by the artists, without stress for eyes.
  • The topology is designed to be optimally sculpted with Blender, Mudbox, Zbrush, etc.

All the characters include complete teeth and eye models and all them provide a real geometry eyelashes and eyebrows, in order to be exportable everywhere, without being dependent from Blender particles system.

The base characters are modelled after accurate studies of anatomy and anthropology. The proportions and face features are created using statistical data, in order to extract the average ideal character for each phenotype.

In order to be SFW, models don't include genitals.

Since the base character will improve gradually in future releases, and since new base characters will be added in future ManuelbastioniLAB versions, they are labelled using a naming rule that provides some extra information about them:

  • The first group of letters indicates the gender: "F" stands for "Female", "M" stands for "Male".
  • The second group of two letters indicates the phenotype or category: "Ca" is for "Caucasian", "As" is for "Asian" and "Af" is for "Afro" and "An" is for "Anime", "To" is for generic Toon, "Ft" is for generic "Fantasy"
  • The third group of two numbers indicates a subcategory.
  • The fourth group are numbers to indicate the number of revisions. In each revision the model has been subjected to some changes, in order to fix some modelling or rigging bugs.

For example F-An02.16 means a 2th type of female anime, subjected to 16 revisions.

All the base characters available in ManuelbastioniLAB are modelled by Manuel Bastioni. The models available are:

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