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Road map

The technology of virtual humanoids is constantly in evolution, so it's hard to list all the features to implement and the amount of research and time required.

The list below is just the outline of the development. The roadmap is designed to have a release every two-three months.

Features planned for ManuelbastioniLAB 1.6.x and 1.7.0

Release 1.7.0 will be mainly focused on a big improvement of anime and human characters.

To know the detailed list of features and the development progress of 1.6.x and 1.7.0 see the tasks progress page.

Features planned for future releases

  • Great improvement of the skin editor and materials
  • Asymmetry engine for the face. Currently, all the faces generated with the lab are perfectly symmetrical. The asymmetry engine will introduce the possibility to break the symmetry and increment the realism, using a database of the most common variations in human physiognomy.
  • Automodelling system to face. First prototype of auto face modelling.
    This is a milestone and it will require a big amount of time and research.
    The goal is to create a tool based on euristic process that permits to easily model the face of the character using as reference a skecth or a photo.
  • Improvement of the measure system.
  • Library of texture details
  • Library of base clothes
  • Character cage
  • Softbodies simulation
  • Low poly characters
  • Special base characters
  • Western style toons
  • More anime styles
  • More advanced muscle system
  • Element selector
  • Multiple UV layouts
  • Teeth modifiers
  • Import/export of clothes
  • Skin shader for Blender internal

*The features marked with an asterisk can be postponed, depending on the time required by the development of main goal.

*Features marked with the "?" are still under feasibility evaluation.

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