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Bad News

07 November 2018

A week ago an announcement was published to explain how to support the lab project. The lab started in January 2016 and during these years has requested thousands of hours of programming, coding and modelling. The roadmap for version 1.7 is gigantic and would require an incredible effort and motivation.

Unfortunately, it seems that nobody cares about supporting the lab.
After seven days from the announcement the amount of contributions is negligible.

I don't understand why.
I'm very, very sad.
A so expensive project cannot survive without a community that supports it.

The lab project stops today.
In next days I will gradually modify the site.
I'm not writing this message to ask more contributions: to survive, a project needs a constant, motivated and regular community, so a temporary short help will not change the things.
I'm just informing you about the reason of the end of a dream.