Development news

W.I.P. 3 for lab 1.3

28 May 2016

A video preview of the age tool that will be included in lab 1.3 [See the youtube video]

Gallery update

23 May 2016

Added images with work in progress for lab 1.3 [Visit the gallery...]

W.I.P.2 for lab 1.3

19 May 2016

Towards perfect 3d humans: improvements in 3d women and 3d men for ManuelbastioniLAB 1.3 [Read more...]

Facebook official page

If you like the lab...

To know more about the development progress of Manuel Bastioni Lab, please visit the official page on Facebook. [ Visit it]

New tutorial

12 May 2016

Videotutorial: how to quickly create a 3D human character from 2D references. [ Learn more...]

Official Youtube channel

If you like the lab...

This channel collects videos about the development of my open source projects related to 3d humanoids, computer graphic and Blender [ Visit the channel...]

W.I.P.1 for lab 1.3

05 May 2016

Working on male prototype topology and morphings for next version of the lab. [ Read more...]

Manuel Bastioni Lab 1.2.0

23 April 2016

ManuelBastioniLAB 1.2.0 ready for download! [ Read more...]

Measure system

14 April 2016

The measure system is a new feature in ManuelbastioniLAB to easily create a realistic 3d human giving the body dimensions. [ Read more...]

Automodelling preview

31 March 2016

Automodelling: a revolutionary approach to the artist-machine interface, coming soon in lab 1.2! [ Read more...]

Manuel Bastioni Lab 1.1.0

07 March 2016

ManuelBastioniLAB 1.1.0 ready for download! [ Read more...]


Since Jan 2016

See the full development history. [Visit the archive]

Manuel Bastioni Laboratory

The aim of Manuel Bastioni Laboratory is to bring you a set of advanced tools to turn your Blender in a powerful laboratory for characters creation.

This software is based on the 15 years experience gained during the realization of various 3d graphics projects and CG humans and collects new algorithms, prototypes and unpublished python scripts developed by Manuel Bastioni.


With few clicks in Blender 3D now you can

The software is available for download here.


100% Open Source and Free under AGPL license.

Fuzzy logic algorithm for interpolation permits to mix the parameters in real-time.

Library for the anime "shojo" style girls. In next versions the library will be expanded with more styles and characters.


Models include a standard skeleton and a well tested rigging, developed in order to match most of external applications and motion capture files.

The skeleton is auto-fitted to morphings, without needing of geometry helpers.

Manuel Bastioni Laboratory provides a library of poses for a one-click pose


The new generation topology includes eyebrows, teeth, tongue, eyelashes, gum, and eyes as part of main mesh in order to morph them and easily export them in external software, without dealing with fitting/compatibility issues.

Meshes are optimized for subdivision surface and sculpting.

Their topologies are studied to include many details (collarbone, elbow bones, ankle bones, main muscles, etc.).


Anthropological phenotypes library


Algorithm to modify and finish the morphing in order to fit the expressions to the face shape.

Morphings can be converted in standard Blender shapekeys.


Automatic generation of random characters: introduction of special constrains, to allow the possibility to keep constant the characters heritage.


Experimental algorithm for proxy fitting to create with one-click clothes that automatically fit the characters and their poses, without needing of vertgroups, weights or skeleton.

Clothes fitting

This algorithm handles complex cases, like rigid fitting mixed to dynamic fitting.