Development news

Roadmap for 1.6.2 updated

04 February 2018

Just completed the roadmap for version 1.6.2 [See the roadmap]

Version 1.6.1!

20 January 2018

The new version 1.6.1 is available! [See the release notes]

Anatomy improvements in female models

30 December 2017

Improvements in anatomy and details for all human base female models. [See the image...]

Improvements in asian female base model

26 December 2017

Improvements in anatomy and details of asian female base model F-AS01. [See the image...]

Improvements in afro female base model

23 December 2017

Improvements in anatomy and details of afro female base model F-AF01. [See the image...]

Improvements in caucasian male base model

21 December 2017

Improvements in anatomy and details of male base model M-CA01. [See the image...]

Improvements in cel shader

14 December 2017

Video preview of new hair models and shaders for Blender Cycles. [See the video]

Improvements in cel shader

10 December 2017

More improvements in anime skin and hair cel shader for Blender Cycles. [See the image...]

Preview of anime hair

02 December 2017

Preview of the high quality hair model for anime girl. Improvements in anime skin shader. [See the image...]

Proxy tutorial

16 November 2017

As requested by many users, here is the updated tutorial about how to create and use proxies in lab 1.6.0. [Read more..]

Shapekeys mapping 1.5 -> 1.6

08 November 2017

Since there are various animation systems based on the lab 1.5 that need to migrate to lab 1.6, here is the conversion table that maps the shapekeys 1.5 to 1.6. [Read more..]

Roadmap update for 1.7.0!

05 November 2017

Roadmap update with detailed tasks for lab 1.6.1 and 1.7.0 [Read more..]

Version 1.6.0!

26 October 2017

The new version 1.6.0 is available! [See the release notes]

Improvements of teeth and eyes

10 October 2017

Better teeth shader and shape, improved eye shader [See the image...]

High quality expression system 1.6: animation

05 October 2017

1.6 WIP: See the high quality results of the new expression system! [See the video]

Preview-tutorial proxy system 1.6

23 September 2017

Tutorial-preview about the new proxy system that will be included in ManuelbastioniLAB 1.6.0 with two long waited new features to handle skin intersections: offset and auto-mask. [See the video]

New preview of IK and muscles

09 September 2017

Development and integration of IK and basic muscle system completed: see how they work in the new preview. [See the video]

Improvements of anatomy

02 September 2017

Better 3D feet, toes, nails. Also improvements of 3d tongue for professional phonemes animation. [See the image...]

Hair shader and physics

24 August 2017

Testing the hair shader and the best way to use physics with polygonal hair [Read more...]


Since Jan 2016

See the full development history. [Visit the archive]

Development progress for vers. 1.6.0

Updated: 26 October 2017

To trace a clear outline of the development and ETA, the list below contains the remaining tasks to complete the release of ManuelbastioniLAB 1.6.0. The page is updated very often.

Due to the dynamics of development the muscle system, that was planned for 1.7 is brought forward to 1.6.0, while the texture editor, planned for 1.6.0, is moved to 1.7.0.


Task 6.1 - Update online documentation to 1.5.0


Task 6.2 - Muscle system (face not included)


Task 6.3 - Inverse kinematic support


Task 6.4 - Improvement of skeleton structure

Note: the clavicle will be not modified to keep the standard with most of skeleton structures.


Task 6.5 - Retarget feature for previously finalized models

See also the article Changes in ManuelbastioniLAB 1.6.0: Graphical User Interface, usability and philosophy.


Task 6.5.1 - Fine controls for manual adjustments of retarget


Task 6.5.2 - Expressions as "after creation" tool


Task - Phonemes


Task - Unify and standardize the expression elements for humans and anime


Task 6.5.3 - Poses as "after creation" tool


Task 6.5.4 - Animation correction tool


Task 6.6 - Increment of performance when the model is subdivided


Task 6.6.1 - Increment of performance during bake animation


Task 6.7 - Automatic transfer of bone names from bvh to default skeleton


Task 6.8 - Automatic recalculate displacement before save the texture


Task 6.9 - Disable subdivision during animation playback


Task 6.10 - Improvement of expert system for retarget, with a better recognition of fingers.


Task 6.10 - Using an unique base skeleton for all characters


Task 6.11 - Automatic transfer of weights from human to proxy[?]


Task 6.12 - Load proxy as objects[?]


Task 6.12.1 - Creation of a base obj library for hair.

See also the article 1.6.0 WIP: hair library and improved proxy system.


Task 6.12.2 - Collision proxy-body and proxy offset feature[?]


Task 6.13 - Improvement of Dwarf male base and morphings.


Task 6.13.1 - Improvement of feet and tongue anatomy for human characters


Task 6.14 - Improvement of base male proportions (pelvis area)


Task 6.14.1 - Improvement of hands anatomy for human characters


Task 6.14.2 - Improvement of automodelling algorithm


Task 6.14.3 - Fix errors in automodelling database


Task 6.14.4 - Optimize the automodelling database


Task 6.14.5 - Added more fantasy ears and orc tusks


Task 6.15 - Combo feature for poses[?]


Task 6.16 - Mirror x as default in finalized models


Task 6.17 - Random face elements[?]


Task 6.18 - Morphing database optimization[?]


Task 6.19 - More features in bones database


Task 6.20 - Saturation control in skin shader


Task 6.20.1 - Improvement of eye shader


Task 6.20.2 - Improvement of UVmapping (eyelashes)


Task 6.21 - Reset control in skin shader


Task 6.22 - Check for script dependencies


Task 6.23 - Automatic removal of action if animation is not present

No longer needed due to the new production pipeline philosophy


Task 6.24 - Final quality check


Task 6.25 - Creation of a short 1.6.0 intro video.


Task 6.26 - Abstraction layer for a flexible software (thinking to Blender 2.8)


Task 6.27 - Creation 1.6 announcement image


? The features marked with a "?" can be postponed, since their feasibility is not verified.