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Gallery update

21 February 2017

The new female elf prototype. [Read more...]

Gallery update

9 February 2017

The new caucasian male prototype. [Read more...]

Gallery update

2 February 2017

Teeth and tongue shader and textures. [Read more...]

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For comments and more, please visit the official Facebook page. [ Visit it]

Gallery update

22 January 2017

A new character to test the lab technology. [Read more...]

Gallery update

16 January 2017

Improvement of Asian female prototype. [Read more...]

Gallery update

9 January 2017

Improvement of Caucasian female prototype. [Read more...]

Gallery update

31 December 2016

Improvement of Caucasian male prototype. [Read more...]

Gallery update

24 December 2016

More details, more realism for base templates. [Read more...]

Testing the retarget feature for 1.5

10 December 2016

A short video with the results of the new retargeting system. [See the video]

Gallery for 1.5 WIP

18 November 2016

New room in the gallery: The work in progress for vers. 1.5. The new skin shader. [Visit the gallery]

Roadmap update!

13 November 2016

Published the estimated roadmap from vers. 1.5 to 1.8 [Read more...]

Version 1.4.0a

10 November 2016

Just released the 1.4.0a to fix the compatibility with Blender 2.77. [Download]

Official Youtube channel

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This channel collects videos about the development of my open source projects related to 3d humanoids, computer graphic and Blender [ Visit the channel...]

Version 1.4.0 !

03 November 2016

The new version 1.4.0 is available! [See the release notes]

W.I.P. new proxy system for lab 1.4

14 October 2016

A video preview of the new proxy system for clothes and hair fitting. [See the youtube video]

Gallery update

07 October 2016

Update for 1.4 W.I.P. The female elf. [Visit the gallery...]

Gallery update

24 September 2016

Update for 1.4 W.I.P. Improvements in pose system. [Visit the gallery...]

Gallery update

19 September 2016

Update for 1.4 W.I.P. New UV layout and new textures in action! [Visit the gallery...]

Gallery update

10 August 2016

New gallery for 1.4.0 Work In Progress! [Visit the gallery...]

Video introduction to 1.3.0 !

30 July 2016

A quick video introduction to the new features of vers. 1.3... [See the video]

Version 1.3.0 !

25 July 2016

The new version 1.3.0 is available! [See the release notes]

Gallery update

20 July 2016

Improving the skin shader 1.3 and working on male textures [Visit the gallery...]

W.I.P. new expressions for lab 1.3

09 July 2016

A video preview of the new expression library and shaders for inner mouth. [See the youtube video]

W.I.P. skin editor for lab 1.3

01 July 2016

A video preview of the skin editor tool that will be included in lab 1.3 [See the youtube video]

Gallery update

27 June 2016

New test for the skin shader 1.3 [Visit the gallery...]


Since Jan 2016

See the full development history. [Visit the archive]

Release notes for ManuelBastioniLAB 1.4.0

Welcome to ManuelbastioniLAB 1.4.0! This new version includes new models, new textures, big improvements in algorithms, new interface and many bug fixes. Have fun!


ManuelBastioniLAB 1.4.0 (download here) introduces five new types for base characters: realistic anime (male and female), elves (male and female) and male dwarf.

The other base types (caucasian, asian and afro) are also improved in terms of accuracy and details of the anatomy.

The anime base models and many related morphings are improved in anatomy and style.


The UV layout is completely redesigned in order to be symmetrical and to use most of the available texture space. All textures are improved. Details are separated from the diffuse texture: this is a preliminary step for the next evolution of the texture editor. The displacement now is calculated on a HD texture 2048x2048.


The topology of humans and anime characters is improved and optimized, in order to reduce the possibility of errors in the area around the eyes.


Big improvements in the toon shader for Cycles: asymmetrical secondary tone, ambient occlusion, water-colour effect and asymmetrical reflection. Improvements in teeth shader.

Proxy system

The proxy system permits to fit any mesh after an initial calibration on the default character. Now the implementation is more stable: it uses barycentric_transform instead of inverse matrix.

Also after the calibration for a specific base type, the proxy can be saved in blend format and appended to any scene that includes a derived character: It will work automatically without need to be recalibrated.

The interface is now very simple, and in most of cases the whole fitting is matter of one click only.

The video below (published on the official Youtube channel) was created during the development of the tool and shows a basic example of proxy usage (fitting of some spheres).

Link to youtube video about proxy system


In version 1.4 there is a big improvement in the rigging of upper torso, in particular in the neck area. Also now all female characters have a special breast rigging, useful to simulate clothes push, gravity, etc..

Also, in version 1.4, the pose system will use the Blender corrective smooth modifier by default.

More new features

Features improvement

GUI usability

Code improvement

Bug fixes