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1.6.0 WIP: new expression system

07 June 2017

According to the new application design explained in the article published on 27 May 2017, the expression system in lab 1.6.0 will be part of the "after-creation" tools.

It's not just a simple porting of a feature: the new tool is more powerful and flexible than the previous one. It can mix the expressions and permits an intuitive and easy keyframing. The resulting animation is based on shapekeys and can play even on Blender environment where the lab is not installed.

The new system uses an algorithm that translates the linear combination of high level components (for example 0.3*smile + 0.5*grin + 0.1*sad ecc..) to a linear combination of few low level basic elements (x1*mouth01 + x2*mouth02 +x3*eye01, ecc..). This approach fixes in most of cases the problem of "hyper-expressions", that happens very frequently with the direct interpolation of expression shapekeys.

See the video on youtube about the new animation system