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Base muscle system for ManuelbastioniLAB 3D characters and video animation benchmark test

22 July 2017

The first part of the base muscle system that will be included in vers. 1.6.0 is just completed. It's called "base" system to distinguish it from the "full" muscle system that is planned for future releases of the lab.

One of the main difference between the two systems is that the "full" one will be anatomically more accurate, but it will require (probably) to have the lab installed on the production machine. On the contrary, the "base" system, that simulates only the main muscles masses, relies on the standard Blender tools and after the finalization step the character will work on any recent version of Blender, with or without the lab installed.

At the current development status the system perfectly works for the female protoype. A big amount of time was spent to design a flexible armature using only basic built-in components offered by Blender, without drivers but only constraints. The structure was heavily tested with many benchmark animations, in particular to avoid or minimize the problem of unwanted rotations that sometime are created by the solver for extreme angles. The same sessions were also used to test the improved animation retarget system 1.6.0. Some of the cool results are in the video.

See the video on youtube about the base muscle system

Now it's time for the second, hard part. The system will be ported to male characters, and then transformed in a database and tested on the main humanoid variations. Also another challenging feature is a full compatibility of this new rigging structure with the existing pose library. I will publish the progress here, stay tuned!