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Base muscle system for ManuelbastioniLAB 3D characters and video animation benchmark test

04 August 2017

The muscle data creation (from the prototype described in this article) is completed. Now the system automatically fits weights and muscles of female characters in realtime.

The new video shows the current development status of this important feature:

  • the user interface
  • an animation specifically developed for the heavy benchmark of the upper body (applied to a female bodybuilder character obtained with FCA01.150)
  • the comparison between the results obtained with the standard rigging and new muscle rigging
  • a longer benchmark
  • the comparative animation (very important) that shows the results of the muscle system for three very different and extreme characters: underweight, bodybuilder and overweight body.

See the video on youtube about the base muscle system

Next development step: the creation of the data for male characters. Stay tuned!