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Polygonal hair: Cycles shader and best method for physics simulation

24 August 2017

As explained in the article on polygonal hair and the article on basic hair library, the next release of ManuelbastioniLAB 1.6.0 will include some special proxies for hair.

The main part of the development is the design of advanced hair shader for Cycles, able to reproduce the main features of hair, like primary and secondary highlights, primary and secondary colors, anisotropy reflection, etc...

The benchmarks tests were executed to evaluate the rendering quality and also aimed to find the best solution for physic simulation of polygonal hair.

Testing new polygonal hair shader for Blender Cycles

Two methods were tested: direct physic simulation (using two different geometries) and indirect one. As explained in the video, we found that the indirect one is the best compromise between photorealistic results, CPU-RAM and polygons count.